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Fruit & Flowers
Fruit & Flowers

**For fruit basket orders, please note that the selection of fruits may vary from the items pictured, depending on availability. We reserve the right to change the fruit selection with an equal or higher value.

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Get well Soon Fruit Basket consist :

  • 6 x Bottle Brands Essence Chicken 
  • 7 Type of fresh fruit delicious for healthy and symbolize full of life strange.
  • 1x Get well soon greeting balloon
  • Dig in this treasure chest of nutrients and lead a healthy lifestyle! Health is wealth! 

  • Rose & Orchid  Fruit Gift set

  • consiti 5 species of fresh fruit

  • Free one small balloon for ( Get well soon / Birthday)

  • Free Delivery in KL/PJ

  • Sweet pink Series flower for new born mother for the joyful and happiness
  • Healthy Fruit included.
  • Nice and Elegant gift for all occassion
  • min 7 species fresh fruit 


  • Give a basket of love that seems to unlock the fountain of youth

  • 1 X 24pc Ferrero Rocher & Minimum 5 type of fresh fruit 
  • Mix Flower with fillires solidago with basket and ribbon arrangement. 

  • A simple and healthy basket of fresh fruits selection to send a message of well wishes and good 
  • Simple and nice and affordable  price.
  • with One Teddy bear decor ( or other similler toy option)
  • 6 type of season fruit 
  • Carnation & Gerbera as main flower with filliers
  • 5 type of Season Fruit: Apple , Orange, pear, Kiwi, plum
  • Basket and Ribbon
  • Fruit basket consist of minimum 7 species  of fresh season fruit 
  • Basket & Ribbon Decor
  • Fruit basket consist of minimum 9 Species of fresh season fruit (Fuji Apple,Orange, Grape, Drangon fruit/Lemon/ Mango etc...)
  • Basket & Ribbon Decor